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Boys & Girls

GRADES: 1st - 9th (rising into)

Session 1: June 12, 13, 14

Session 2: June 17, 18, 19

9:00 AM to 12:00 PM Each Day

$150.00 (single session)
$250.00 (both sessions)
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Whether you're a newcomer or a seasoned player, Billy's camp is designed to empower players of all skill levels with the knowledge and instincts needed to excel on the field.

Billy has a star studded staff on hand.

Skill Development for All: Our camp is a learning ground for everyone. From beginners to advanced players, our expert coaches will guide you through the intricacies of the game, ensuring that every participant gains a deeper understanding of lacrosse. 

Instinct-Driven Play: Experience lacrosse in a whole new light as we expose you to elements and concepts that build natural instincts & improve lax IQ. Learn to read the game, anticipate moves, and react with precision – key elements for success on the field.

Encouraging Creativity: We believe in nurturing the all-around player. Embrace a creative approach to the game that goes beyond the playbook. Develop your unique style while mastering essential techniques that set you apart. We will give you the confidence to throw the BTB! 

Footwork and Stick Skills Fusion: Our program emphasizes the seamless coordination of footwork and stick skills. Elevate your game by mastering the art of moving with agility and synchronizing your footwork with impeccable stick handling – a winning combination. 

Preparation for Next Level Play: Dreaming of taking your lacrosse skills to the next level? Our camp provides insights, strategies, and personalized guidance to help you prepare for the challenges of advanced play. 

Energetic Group Atmosphere: Success is sweeter when shared. Join a fun and energetic group atmosphere that promotes individual success. Through camaraderie and friendly competition, we'll create an environment where every player thrives.


*Griffin Schutz - Virginia '25
*Truitt Sunderland - Virginia '25
*Matis Cole - Michigan '25
*Billy Bitter - North Carolina '11

*Summer Agostino - Clemson '24
*Shannon Brazier - Clemson '24
*Ali Bishop - Louisville '24
*Jolie Blohm - Liberty '22

Important Notes:

* 3 Hours each day
* All Skill Levels & Positions Welcome
* Pushing Fundamentals & Fun!
* High-Energy, Fast-Paced Drills
* Improving Lacrosse IQ
* 3v3 Mini Games!
*Jersey Included
* Tons of GIVEAWAYS!

Cancelation Policy:

* 50% refund before Start Date
* Non-refundable after Start Date

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